What Would Your Super Bowl Commercial Look Like?


It’s party time! Super Bowl weekend is finally here.

Stock the fridge and put the January detox behind you, because the pre-game warm-up starts now. At TSheets, we’re all about the pulled pork and PBR. (Hey, why not come over? There’s plenty to go around!)

Whether you’re a Broncos fan or a Panthers fan, or you’re just in it for the halftime show, Sunday’s get-together will be too good to miss.

For four hours on Sunday night, football fans everywhere will drop everything to catch 12 minutes of the most talked about sports action of the year, while everyone else sits back to soak up the cocktails, the good company, and above all, the adverts.

Which got us thinking …

If TSheets won a Super Bowl ad slot (like Death Wish coffee just did), what would it look like?

There would have to be some of this:

giphy (3)

Because when it comes to time tracking, we’ve got it nailed.

We would need a bit of this:

giphy (4)

Because we ❤ employees.

And we would definitely have a lot of this:

giphy (5)

Because, well, we just love to have a good time!



So tell us, if you won a $5 million Super Bowl commercial,
what would yours look like?

Let us know on twitter!