Excel Does A Lot Of Cool Things, Time Tracking Isn’t One Of Them.


Unless you’re an accountant (and given that you’re reading a blog about time tracking, there’s a good chance you are!) you probably don’t know half of the cool stuff that Excel can do.

Like, did you know that you can find out, from a single formula, how many workdays there are between two dates? Just type =NETWORKDAYS into any cell, choose your start and end dates, add the number of holidays, and you’re done!

Project managers, rejoice.


Sticking with dates, did you know you can add today’s date into any spreadsheet just by typing =TODAY() into any cell? Then, to change the format so it shows the current month instead, just right click “Format Cells” and set your date format to Month-YY. Amazingly handy if you ever want to build your own calendar.

Excel is all about numbers, right?

Well no, not always.

If you ever want to GET RID OF THOSE SHOUTY UPPER CASE LETTERS that some of us LOVE to use, Excel has the answer. Type the formula =LOWER(A1) into an empty cell (when the upper case text you need to change is in cell ‘A1’) and now everyone’s much calmer.

Check out the infographic!

Check out the infographic!

Ready to start SHOUTING AGAIN? OK! It’s just =UPPER(A1) and your upper case letters are back, just as you like them.

Ever needed to break up the content of a cell so it’s not all on one line? You can add line breaks. Yup. That’s right. You can now type a whole list into Excel without ever straying into a second row—or better, make large chunks of text easier to read by breaking them up into paragraphs. To sprinkle this magic on your spreadsheet, it’s alt + enter (Windows) or alt + cmd + enter (Mac).

What about adding rows and columns? You have to do that one-by-one, right? No! Seasoned Excel pros are probably yawning right now — but for the rest of us, this is life-changing stuff. Just select the number of rows or columns you want to add and, while you’ve still got them highlighted, right click and hit “insert.” Your spreadsheet just grew by that exact number. And now it’s so large, did you just lose your place? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Deploy the old “ctrl/cmd + arrow button” trick and you’re back to wherever you need to be.

So, given how cool Excel can be (even if numbers aren’t your thing), it’s no surprise that a lot of people still like to use it to track their time. We get it. It’s there. We all have it. It seems like a quick solution for time tracking. But really, it’s not, and for anyone who wants to discover this for themselves, we’ve just added some new, free Excel timesheet templates into our Resource Center which you can download today. Check them out! 

And when you’re ready to start tracking time the smart way with TSheets—with a seamless link to payroll, accurate timesheets, take-anywhere mobile accessibility, and now scheduling too—you know where to find us!

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