What Matt Rissell and Peyton Manning Have in Common


The other day (wait a second, this was no ordinary day, I was on my way to the Super Bowl), I came across an article by the revered Gary Vaynerchuk (whom I admire) that stated, “Entrepreneurs are born, not made.”

It irked me.

So much so that as I found my suite at Levi’s Stadium, I was thinking about it. After Lady Gaga nailed the national anthem, I was thinking about it. And even after kickoff, I was still thinking about it.

But as the players took the field, I found myself completely blown away by their athleticism. And I got to thinking, “Are extreme athletes born? Or are they made?”

If you ask me, I wasn’t born to be an entrepreneur, and I don’t think Peyton Manning was born to win the Super Bowl–so, what do we have in common?

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