Why You Should Always Look At The Data Before Making a Big Business Decision (or Even a Small One)


Matt Rissell Shares His Top Business Tip on MSNBC Your Business

TSheets experienced four (count ‘em, FOUR) colossal go-to-market failures before we finally saw any major success — all because we didn’t know this simple yet life-saving business tip.

The tip? DON’T follow your gut.

“It’s a little counterintuitive,” TSheets CEO Matt Rissell admits, but it’s been the key to our success.

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That’s right, DON’t follow your gut — listen to the data instead.

Cold, hard data, unlike your gut instinct, will never lead you wrong.

Not sure where to start? Matt suggests making two lists; a “what’s working” list, and a “what’s not working” list. Then, force yourself to prove “what’s working” using data.

“You may find something is working for a different reason than you thought,” adds JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC Your Business.

Or you may find that what you thought was working, isn’t working at all.

“Again, it all comes back to data,” JJ says.