Do You Have What It Takes To Enter The Arena?


A CEO and a UFC fighter step into the Octagon — it might sound like the beginning to a story that ends with a punchline, but for Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets, this was no joke.

After years of admiring the sport of MMA (and the extreme athletes who participate in it) from afar, Matt was granted a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Read the full story on Forbes.

Read it on Forbes

Matt learned a lot from sparring with Rashad Evans — how to execute a proper left hook, how to shoot a double leg, and, most importantly, how to take a hit from a heavyweight champ. But, more than anything, he learned that being an MMA fighter isn’t much different from being a CEO.

Hear me out.

The amount of courage it took Matt to step into the ring with a trained professional boxer that day (who could, as Matt says, “dismantle me with his bare hands”) was astronomical. The amount of guts it took to actually stand up to Rashad Evans in a wrestling ring — unfathomable. But, if you ask him, it’s a feeling he’s felt many times before.

It’s how he felt the first time he tried to take TSheets to market. But rather than a heavyweight champ, he had to face the unforgiving nature of the business world, and he got taken down — hard.

It’s how he felt after the third, fourth, and even fifth attempt to get TSheets up and running — when walking into the office each day meant facing an absolute mountain of debt — a mountain that threatened to crush him (and his dreams) at any minute.

And we’re pretty sure you can relate.

No matter where you fight your battles, it takes guts to step into the arena (the office, the cubicle, the field … you get it) knowing you’re about to face an adversary who could completely destroy you. It takes courage to get back up after a hard hit, and to keep fighting — a courage that rivals the bravery of an MMA fighter. And it takes discipline — it takes the desire to press on, even when pressing on seems impossible.

Guts, courage, and discipline. Three things evident in every successful business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, freelancer, and employee.

With that, let us ask you this: Do you have what it takes to enter the arena?

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