Ya Know We’re All About That Heart.


‘Bout that heart.

TSheets is diving heart first into the celebrations of the 14th. Whether you are rocking International Greeting Card Day with a favorite person, or flying solo, you can have chocolate, and that is the true heart of the matter isn’t it? (Please pardon the puns. There are sure to be several more.)

In the spirit of the warm, fuzzy holiday, we’ve carefully selected several humorous pieces for your enjoyment.

A different perspective on the song.

Admit it. You laughed.

Also making the cut…

Lettuce be more than friends.

And finally, the real reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day…

Chocolate on sale? Yeah, we're there.

If you’ve spent any amount of time around us you know that, at TSheets, we like to have some fun. But we also care a great deal. Our hearts are very big, and when an opportunity to help presents itself, we readily seize the day. In honor of all things heart related, we are excited to announce:

We will be donating $1 for every click of our donate button to the American Heart Association, up to $1K! For our friends on social, please have fun using our (quite clever) hashtag:


to let others know that you’ve donated. So what are the rules and details you ask? Great question! All you have to do is visit the following page:


There, just enter a valid email address, and click to donate a dollar. The best part? That’s not your hard earned cash you’re donating (unless you want to donate more here) instead, you’re donating a dollar from TSheets!

That’s right! You click, we donate. Simple as that.

Let’s band together to make a difference in some very viable and needed research…and then consume a pile of chocolate! Because…you know…chocolate is good for your heart too.

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Like us on Facebook for the inside scoop on all we do!