TSheets Hits 1,000 Reviews in the Intuit App Center!


What a great day to work at TSheets! We’re feeling like a thousand bucks today.

If you’re familiar with our company core values, you know that we’re relentless about our customers’ success. Our Customer Experience (CX) team works hard every day to make certain each and every TSheets customer gets exactly the experience they were looking for when they call, chat, or email us for assistance. Sometimes, those customers leave reviews about their TSheets experience. We’re always thrilled to receive a review, and today marked a day the entire TSheets team felt thrilled 1,000 times over! Why is that, you ask?

We have officially received 1,000 customer reviews in the Intuit app center! Wow. Spell it backwards. W-O-W. This means 1,000 customers took the time to review the TSheets product, experience and customer experience team. That’s a big deal and we are beyond grateful to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts!

Because we love a good party here at TSheets, we wanted to celebrate this 1k milestone in true TSheets style. That meant a balloon drop, a toast with Martinellis, some confetti poppers and a hearty round of cheers and celebration. (Oh, and a future trip to Wahooz for a day of celebration with our CEO, Matt Rissell!)

TSheets celebration for 1,000 Intuit reviews

Martinellis for the TSheets 1,000 Intuit review celebration

Fun celebration for TSheets 1,000 reviews in the Intuit app center


Yep. Today was a good day. (CX team member, Chelsea, was so thrilled she made a confetti snow angel!) Thanks for helping make it happen and here’s to the next 1,000 reviews!


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