Building Employee Trust


How Can You Strengthen Employee Trust? 

Building trust with my employees has been critical to my success as a business owner. And the trust has to go both ways.

How can you build greater trust with your employees? It’s all about consistency, and a relationship that stands up to a fight.

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I think consistency is how you obtain trust over a period of time from your employees. You have to be consistent. Whatever you say you’re going to do, you have to do it. That’s the definition of integrity. It’s not a certain moral standard; if you say you’re going to do something, you have to do it. If you’re inconsistent with your team, they’ll start to question and disbelieve what you say. There has to be a mutual trust in your team. So much so. One of the things I actually tell our team members is that one of the ways you know you trust each other is that you’re willing to fight. Because inherent in the willingness to fight is being vulnerable, being willing to show what you really believe about something, and being willing to get feedback from someone else. I mean, not fist fighting, like UFC, but really just a disagreement that displays a passion for the end result. That’s how you build trust. 

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