Matt Rissell is the RuleBreaker of the Year


Breakin’ the Rules

Here’s to the the history makers. The earth shakers. The rule breakers.

It takes a very specific kind of person to say, “I see how you’re doing things, and I appreciate that, but I’m going to take a different path.” It takes a person who sees a better way and believes rules are sometimes meant to be broken. Maybe even a person who makes their own rules.


We at TSheets know one of those people. We call him our fearless leader, our CEO, and our friend: Matt Rissell. We knew he was a badass and a rulebreaker. And now, we’re excited to announce that everyone else knows it too.

Matt Rissell: 2015 RuleBreaker of the Year


Congratulations to TSheets CEO, Matt Rissell, for winning the 2015 RuleBreaker Award! The Annual RuleBreaker Awards in New Orleans honor entrepreneurs who succeeded by doing things their own way, persisting despite the odds, and, in some cases, revolutionizing their industries. Individuals are nominated by their peers and the ultimate winner is voted on by a distinct panel of judges who excel in entrepreneurship (and maybe even a little rule breaking too).

Doing things your own way, persisting despite the odds, and revolutionizing an industry? We think that describes Matt Rissell to a (circle) T.

So, What Makes Matt a Rule Breaker?

How about bootstrapping a successful tech company in a rural area of the U.S. (hello, Eagle, ID!) rather than Silicon Valley? Matt founded a SaaS time tracking solution before most people knew what SaaS businesses were. Many people said it couldn’t be done. However, rulebreakers and game changers don’t hear the naysayers.

Matt even fought Idaho over a SaaS tax and won, and let’s not forget, created an incomparable standard of customer service in the tech industry. Because of this, TSheets is the #1 app in the entire Intuit App Center Ecosystem with 1,000+ 5-star reviews.

Those are just a few reasons, but trust us, there are many more.

Matt, you’ve built an international technology company based in humble Eagle, ID, stuck to your company core values, changed state law, and continue to revolutionize the mobile time tracking game. As you say, “And we’re just getting started.” And we know you are.

Here’s to breakin’ some more rules in 2016. A big congratulations to all nominated and we can’t wait to see the RuleBreaker “Hammer” trophy in person!

Watch How Matt Rissell Broke Rules and Won the Hammer Award