How to Conduct a Perfect Staff Meeting


There’s no such thing as a perfect staff meeting, but there are a few components you can include that will make your meetings a lot more fun and beneficial.

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First of all, you need to start an all-hands staff meeting when it’s even just you. Let’s just say you’re a sole proprietor–I know it sounds funny, and it’s not difficult to schedule–but you all sit down and you discuss the state of affairs for your entire company. Whether you’re a media company (like the great guys here that are videotaping this), or a printer cartridge company or a consulting company–whatever it might be, sit down and have an all-hands meeting. It’s really important for communication.

Here’s some components that I want to always stick to when it comes to our meetings:

  1. They have to have some element of fun. Don’t be completely serious, those meetings get really boring. Your team won’t remember everything that you say anyway, so make sure you keep an element of fun.
  2. When you do communicate with your team, be transparent. And if you’re not, they’re gonna know. They’re going to know you’re lying! And they’re going to start to break down trust. So be transparent with them. If you can’t share some of the information, then just say, “Look, I can’t share that with you right now,” but it’s important that you’re transparent.
  3. Make sure your points are pithy! Be pithy! Be short and succinct. It will be helpful.
  4. Encourage participation. Don’t just sit there for an hour, it’s super boring and no one cares. And don’t wear a frickin’ suit when you give a staff meeting. That is so corporate! Wear jeans and a shirt, just be cognizant of what you’re wearing and be relatable with the team.
  5. If you have a leadership team, you are completely undermining them if you don’t create specific time in the staff meeting for each one of them to give an update on the status of their division or department and what’s going on.
  6. Take the opportunity as well to bring recognition to those meetings. That is the time to celebrate your employees and celebrate your team. It’s free! It’s inexpensive, they love it, and it helps encourage the right behavior.

Those are just a few things to include when you’re doing a staff meeting, but the most important thing is to start now.