10,000 Reasons to Refer TSheets



The TSheets $10K Challenge has begun, and there are 10,000 reasons you should be referring. We asked Seth David—who is a TSheets PRO and just so happens to be last year’s winner—for some insider tips for the 10K contestants this year. Seth generously agreed.

Here are Seth’s tips (and *hint, hint* they are great advice for growing your business whether or not you join the 10k challenge)!

Start with Confidence and Enthusiasm

This should go without saying, but confidence is 90% of the battle. If you’re not confident in the product you’re recommending, your clients will know. A mentor once told me (Seth) to start with enthusiasm, with emphasis on the last four letters “IASM” – meaning “I am sold myself.” You have to know the product inside and out. YOU have to be SOLD on the amazing product that solves the time tracking problem for your clients.

Build your Social Media Presence and Your Following

What problems are your clients, website visitors and readers having? Create content that helps them and you will create a following. By posting useful and helpful content, people will start coming to you for advice and one-on-ones.

When I’m in a one-on-one with someone, if they even sneeze timekeeping I will stop and tell them they need TSheets, and let them know my affiliate code will save them money. It’s really that easy.

And how hard is it to make a Facebook post, titled “Time Tracking Made Easy — click here for a free demo that will change your life,” and then boost the post? Even if no one signs up, you will get some “likes” and it will help channel people to your blog and videos.

Webinars, Videos, Blog Posts, Oh My!

The beautiful thing about TSheets is it’s not rocket science — it’s easy to use and talk about the tremendous benefits.

Offer a free webinar to demonstrate TSheets, such as “Simplify Your Life with Timekeeping” and send it to your client list. If you do the webinar and only two businesses sign up – it still helps, right? After your webinar, simply ask how many will be signing up and follow up with them at a later date to see how it’s going. Most likely they’ll say it’s going great and then you ask for the names and emails of three others who can benefit from using TSheets to help pay the benefits forward.

With videos and blogs there is a trick. There’s always a chance they will only make it through the first 2-3 minutes of your video or blog post. My CTA (call to action) is, “check the description of this video so you can get 10% off on TSheets” and it’s always in the first few minute of the video. If you’re writing a blog post, mention your affiliate code in the first paragraph, just to make sure readers will see it.

Integrity and 10K

Some will try to point fingers at me because of the incentive I receive from referring, but I’m the first to say right up front that TSheets kicks back with a “thank you for the referral” as well as a discount for my clients. I’m open and transparent, and that builds trust. And I would never refer my clients to a crappy product for an incentive since they would never trust my referral or recommendation again.

Listen to Seth’s Offer

The Race is On, #CanYouBeatSeth?

Thanks for the great advice Seth! And yes, Seth is still the one to beat in the 10K Challenge this year. He’s not in it for the money, but he’s in it for the race. His strategy this year? Well, in true Seth fashion (he practices what he preaches), he said he’s planning on a series of blog posts and videos on “QuickBooks for Contractors” with a time keeping focus. Now we know he has a plan, what’s yours?

It’s time to get your game on, so what are you waiting for? Get signed up now! Should you desire more personalized 10K advice, sign up for a discounted one-hour session with Seth using the discount code: OLD1HOUR.

If you’re one of the top three contestants in the 10K challenge by August 15th, receive a FREE session with Seth complimentary of TSheets — to make an even stronger finish for the 10K!

So I guess there’s only one thing left to do… start referring, that is!