How Big, Hairy and Audacious Is Your Company?


When you think of the words “big” and “hairy” you’re probably not picturing anything particularly pleasant (unless you’re picturing Chewbacca, in which case, imagine away). But when it comes to skyrocketing your business, big and hairy is exactly what you’ve gotta be.

Big, hairy and audacious, that is.

A big, hairy audacious goal is intended to get you to dream big (real big), get creative and find inspiration. It’s intended to encourage and motivate you to reach new heights, unite your team, and transform your market. In short, it’s intended to revolutionize your company!

And if you want to know why (and how) you should create a big, hairy audacious goal of your own, check out CEO Matt Rissell’s article, “How Big, Hairy, and Audacious Is Your Company?” on LinkedIn.