How to Get Attention for Funding


We’re in Boise, Idaho, I think that’s fairly well known. But people always ask me, “How do you get capital?” The truth is, I have no idea! I don’t know how the financial institutions do it, but they just find great companies. We created a great company and, because of that, we have gotten a ridiculous amount of inbound inquiries. And even though we just announced our Series A funding, I keep getting emails from other financial institutions.

They find great companies, that’s what they do. They hunt. They search. They’re in the business of finding good companies. They’re in the business of getting money to work. They’re in the business of investing in startups, technology companies, growth equity companies or even large companies (depending on their business model).

So if I had a suggestion, it would be: Go create a great company!

Create a real business! One that’s profitable, one that actually has sales, and one that’s doing something great in this world–one that has a large potential.

As far as doing something specific to get their attention? I recently heard a story about one guy who shipped a box to the managing partner at an investment institution, and inside the box was one single shoe. The note said, “Now that I have my foot in the door, maybe you’ll give me five minutes.” … Which is a creative way, I guess, if you want to get the attention of one specific managing partner or investment institution.

But the reality is you just have to create something really good. Create a company that is making a difference out there–and trust me, you’ll have more inbound inquiries than you can (or want) to deal with.