How a Commercial Cleaner Uses TSheets Time Tracking App to Provide 5-Star Service


Why the real dust busters a.k.a RCF Cleaning, love TSheets and their time tracking features

Meet the crew at RCF cleaning who bust dust as well as grit, grime, and any other evil lurking in the offices of their clients throughout Ada and Canyon County, Idaho.

Armed with their cleaning backpacks, they take great care of their customers’ facilities and save time and money by tracking their time with TSheets, a loyal customer since 2012.

RCF tracks time through TSheets time tracking apps and more.

While most of their dust busting team use the TSheets apps, some also like the dial-in feature to clock-in. Their fearless leader Christina Freer stays on top of all things time and work related using her TSheets Who’s Working window. She is also able to better connect with customers by reviewing notes her employees leave on their time cards, notes such as supplies needed, new stains, doors unlocked, etc. These notes enable Christina to proactively keep supplies stocked for subsequent cleanings, and maintain 5-star cleaning services for each facility.

Christina spends less than 30 minutes processing time for payroll each week, and has confessed to having a crush on the TSheets Who’s Working feature, (but who doesn’t, really?). She loves that TSheets not only saves her time and money, but saves her a whole lot of stress managing her remote and mobile cleaning crews.

So now you know why the real dust busters use TSheets. And if you happen to need top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services in the Treasure Valley area, who you gonna call? RCF dust busters!