Sleepless No More: What Everyone Ought to Know about QuickBooks Online and TSheets


The romance that businesses everywhere are raving about.

Sleepless in Seattle. If you’ve seen it, you can’t deny that destiny brings both Sam (Tom Hanks) and Annie (Meg Ryan) together. By the end, you were probably infatuated with the two lovebirds and couldn’t wait for them to discover each other and live happily ever after.

Speaking of great romances, Sam and Annie are not the only love story worth talking about. If you use both QuickBooks Online (QBO) and TSheets, yet haven’t synced them together (there’s nothing romantic about manual entry) then there is another happy ending waiting to happen… and this time it’s yours.

QBO and TSheets

As you may well know, QBO has it’s own appeal that is sweeping accountants, ProAdvisors and business owners off their feet, with dreamy features, such as: invoicing and sales receipts that can be set up as recurring transactions and emailed automatically to the customer (reliability) automatic email reporting (effortless affection) always on, anywhere access – no need to share a computer or transfer files with your bookkeeper (you can travel anywhere in the world together) activity logs for all activity to protect against fraud (committed to protect you) automatic download of transactions every night (nightly back rub, anyone?) multiple AR/AP lines in Journal Entries (that’s a love language of it’s own to accountants…)

And you may know that TSheets, looking fantastic in red (as always), is capturing hearts and transforming time tracking for businesses everywhere.

TSheets romantics, err customers, are sharing their hearts daily, whispering sweet nothings such as:
“So easy to use with so little cost”

  • “What used to take all day now takes less than 15 minutes…”
  • “No surprises at the end of the week when time cards are turned in”
  • “They give me the relationship that I am more than just a customer to them”
  • “It solves so many problems that we face with tracking time and recording timesheets in QuickBooks”
  • “Allows us to spend less time on our payroll and more time with our customers”
  • “Saved me $$ by capturing the time spent on my projects”
  • “Turned the profitability of our business around”

If you haven’t caught the ending to this sweet tale, QBO and TSheets are a match made in the cloud.

You may already use both QBO and TSheets individually, but that’s not really the happy ending. So many customers have fallen for both QBO and TSheets, but aren’t using them together (read as: syncing employee timesheets directly into QBO for payroll, invoicing, etc. in one easy click). By doing so, manual entry is bypassed, time and money is saved, and sleepless nights are well… no longer sleepless.

We hope you now understand how QBO and TSheets are MFEO (made for each other), and ultimately for you. Learn more about how this romance benefits your business or watch a short two minute clip on how easy it is for them to get hitched in your payroll process.

See you soon.
[No longer] Sleepless in Seattle.

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