How a Construction Company Saved $2000 per Month with TSheets


Picture little leeks (aka scallions, alliaceous plants) rolling down the road. Their thin white bulb with little legs and their broad green leaves flapping in the wind.

Little do they know, they will soon be eliminated.


This story all took place while interviewing a customer for a case study. I somehow misunderstood their business model. Their business is called Leak Eliminators (i.e. dripping water), and yet I passionately asked how and why they do what they do – you know – “eliminate those little green and white scallions that everyone likes to eat??!?”

The customer patiently explained their true business model, and I almost folded: stick a fork in me, I was done.

But I carried on and pulled what was left of my self esteem up to at least my ankles, and proceeded with the interview. And I’m glad I did.

Turns out Leak Eliminators specializes in waste water construction and repair, are darn good at it, and are darn glad they found TSheets.

time tracker with a ROI of 6-10%

Since using TSheets, they have saved 15-20 hours a week on time spent on payroll, and have averaged savings of $2,000 a month.

What if I had let that little misunderstanding about leeks crush the interview? Then construction companies like yours wouldn’t know how much time and money a good time tracker like TSheets could save them.

Read more about Leak Eliminators case study, and lesson learned: don’t let the little leeks in life get you down.

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