TSheets Helps Prove an Employee’s Innocence


It was early morning in small town Burlington, Kentucky. The employee of a local cleaning company had just changed job codes on his TSheets smartphone app and swiped his badge to enter the building for his routine cleaning job.

He was a reliable and trustworthy employee (according to the cleaning company owner, Chad) and always clocked in and out for work using his TSheets smartphone app.

Little did he know, that very morning, an assault crime was being committed almost 30 miles away, by someone with similar physical characteristics.

A case of mistaken identity

Based on a video from a security camera, the employee was summoned to the police station for lineup, and was identified and charged with the crime of battery and assault.

When asked by his defense attorney if there was any way he could support his work alibi, the employee was at a loss other than to ask his employer, Chad, for any proof that he was at work.

The defense attorney contacted Chad, and Chad stated that his employee was on the clock with TSheets via a time tracking app for android the morning in question, and they could check the GPS location points that were recorded on the timesheet.

Sure enough, the GPS report through TSheets showed his employee WAS at the worksite from start to finish during his time on the clock the morning of the assault.

Saved by the GPS points

When the case went to court, Chad was asked to take the stand and demonstrate to the court just how time and GPS tracking with TSheets works on a smartphone, to substantiate the GPS evidence of his employee’s whereabouts the morning of the assault.

When asked if the employee could have left his phone at the work site, and traveled the distance to commit the assault, the owner stated that none of his employees even knew their locations were tracked while on the clock; his employee would not have known to leave his phone at the site to circumvent any tracking.

Furthermore, GPS location points are tracked at regular 10-minute intervals which would show movement throughout the building during that time.

Fortunately for the employee, the Judge found him not guilty based on the GPS tracking and the legitimacy of the data provided by TSheets.

Chad said he was a fan of TSheets prior to the court case; his employees love the fact their hours are always accurate, and he loves that it puts the responsibility on the employee to have an accurate paycheck. Oh, and not to mention that TSheets customer service is always impeccable.

TSheets time and GPS tracking saved the day in this case,
keeping this employee on the clock and yes, out of jail.