Superhero-Style Upgrade: Faster, Better, Stronger
Announced February 4, 2014

TSheets Open API

“Plays well with others.” TSheets is taking that concept to a whole new level with the release of our new API, available on a dedicated microsite at No longer an elementary matter, making all tech-driven systems work together is now a business essential. Using our new API, you can speed up timesheet info collection, payroll, data processing and more. Plus gain a more seamless and productive work world.

So meet the new TSheets API, designed for super-powered integrations. Even take a spin. And see what dramatic efficiencies you can dig up.

Faster in Action
Go, go, speed racer. We’ve streamlined our API to make it faster in action. Tighter and easier for developers to use, JSON is now our primary mode of delivering results from the API.

Our new API also adheres much more closely to REST principles, taking a more object-oriented approach to components of TSheets and how a developer interacts with them. Implementing the concept of “supplemental data,” when you retrieve an object via the API (like a timesheet), you’ll also receive a copy of any object that’s related to the primary object (like a jobcode or a user, or any other object related to that timesheet).

Scaling to the largest of organizations with ease, the new API additionally produces paginated results for all queries.

Better In Bulk
It’s like Costco for the techy. The biggest advantage of our new API is the ability to take bulk action. Before, if you had 20 timesheets to create using the old API, you’d have to make 20 connections and do them all individually. Same for job codes. Now, with the new API, you can perform adds and/or edits in bulk. So you could create 20 jobcodes or timesheets in a single request.

Now there’s a way to save time and stock up on awesome.

In contrast to our legacy API, the new API also allows access to Custom Fields and related items.

Stronger Peace of Mind
Security is huge for us, and we know it’s a big deal for you too. So we’ve used the advanced OAuth2 authorization framework for this version of our API. What does that mean? Peace of mind, ultimately.

In layman’s terms, this makes it possible for a client of TSheets to grant limited access to a third party without disclosing their login credentials to the third party.

Now that’s our kind of party.

Get Started
Developers: get ready, set, go. If you want to integrate a thumbprint reader, scheduling system, inventory management system, service orders, receipts or other accounting systems with TSheets, now’s the time. This is your entryway to an easier and better way to move your business applications and systems to the next phase.

Total unity.

Visit It’s here to save the day, all around. Play it up.

Or soak it up. Here are (a couple of) our API Customer Success Stories:
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  1. […] custom: Developers, get started with our open API, now powered up in a new version to make all systems work together, […]

  2. […] custom: Developers, get started with our open API, now powered up in a new version to make all systems work together, […]

  3. julian says:

    If you are not a developer – you can still use the API in powerful ways. Just call the URL in a browser (following the docs and then use to transform the JSON response into spreadsheet-readable CSV.


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