How TSheets Tracked Down a Stolen Android


As many of our customers know, TSheets is a popular app in the service industry. From plumbing and electrical work to landscaping and construction, it allows employees to work in the field while still keeping accurate and organized records of their time.

What you may not know is that TSheets can also track the GPS locations of punches made remotely with smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices. Not only does it help with tracking the location of employees (let’s hear a cheer for safety and accountability), in this case, it also helped one of our clients track a stolen phone!

Here’s how it all went down

GPS Time Tracking Feature

The sun was shining high in the sky and Mr. Landscaper’s brow was heavy with sweat — he was on his second job of the day. He knew it was going to be a long one, but he was working hard to get all his jobs done in time for dinner.

He packed up his equipment and prepared to switch job codes using the TSheets app on his Android phone, but when he got to his truck, he realized his Droid wasn’t on the dashboard where he left it. The windows of the truck were down (it was a hot day, after all) and the doors left unlocked. Someone had made off with his phone!

Back at the office, Mr. Owner wasn’t thrilled to receive the call that someone had stolen Mr. Landscaper’s company issued phone.

Fortunately, he quickly remembered that TSheets can track the GPS locations of an employee’s clock-in and out — as well as their current location. With a quick look at the “Who’s Working” list, Mr. Owner was able to see exactly where Mr. Landscaper last clocked in as well as the current location of the phone.

Just a quick call to the police with the phone’s last recorded GPS point and bingo! The missing phone was located.

There you have it

TSheets not only tracks accurate-to-the-second time, saving you thousands of dollars in gross payroll costs each year, but it can also help you track down stolen devices! Anything for the employees we ♥!

P.S. Riley, a rockstar on our Customer Experience team, took the phone call and became our customer’s hero last week! Holding out for a hero of your own? Give us a call anytime at 888-836-2720.