TSheets Time Tracking Software: Bugs Fixed, Reporting Faster & Life Made Easier!


Placing our customers at the heart of our time tracking software means we listen and respond! This month, our developers have been quite busy making improvements and fixing bugs. Take a peek at some of these changes below and keep your eyes open for future #Changelog posts.

1. Dial-In Add-On: Now, when employees dial-in, they can hear their total hours worked right down to the minute. Employees will no longer hear their hours reported as rounded totals, no matter how long they’ve been on the clock.

2. Password Change Permissions: Before January, if employees were required to change their passwords at login, but weren’t given permission to manage their passwords by the account admin, it would cause TSheets to freeze up on them. Freeze no more! Our super awesome TSheets developers have taken care of this. No matter what your employee’ permissions, if you want to require a password change, your employees will be able to.

3. Faster Reporting: Our developers have made several back end optimizations to make reporting even faster!

4. Server Redirect: If for any reason your computer is having trouble communicating with our servers (for example, if you’ve lost your WiFi connection, our server is offline for maintenance, etc.) you will be switched to a new server automatically within 30 seconds. No need to refresh, just sit back, relax, and let our system do the redirecting for you.

5. Android App Updates: We’ve had quite a few! The good news is that our time tracking app is now compatible with Android’s Jelly Bean OS. In addition, our developers have fixed a few Samsung device compatibility issues and have improved the overall look and feel. If you haven’t already updated, go for it!

6. Secure Connection: Our web dashboard now uses secure (https) connections for all visitors, even free accounts. This means you and your data is more secure than ever.

7. PTO Settings Warning: When applying PTO accrual settings to the whole company, the administrator (or individual making the changes) will be required to type “replace” in an effort to ensure that everyone is aware that applying the settings will permanently replace all previous settings.

8. QuickBooks Online Integration: Up and ready to go! With 1-click, all employee time from TSheets and QuickBooks account information will sync, giving businesses a flexible, easy to use time tracking system that their employees will love.

Those are the big changes we’ve seen this month. Make sure you keep an eye on our blog page for additional updates!

What do you think of our improvements? Looking for more? We want to hear from you: online time tracking online employee time sheet mobile time tracker

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