TSheets Compatibility with QuickBooks Online for Canada – Hip Hip, Hoor-eh!


Here at TSheets we feel that Canadian QuickBooks users have been hearing the word “No” far too often. No to the Intuit Sync Manager, no to the App Center… yuck! Well, ok, maybe not “No” but more of a “Not yet!” So we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Canadian QuickBooks Online users… TSheets is now for you too.

That’s right, if you are using the Canadian version of QuickBooks Online, then you will be able to use the TSheets app and integrate seamlessly between your QuickBooks company file and TSheets account. Want to know more? Perfect, here’s everything you need to know from A to Zed! :)

Time Tracking for Canadian QuickBooks Customers

Here’s what you’ll need to have:

1. An active subscription to the Canadian version of QuickBooks Online Plus. You will need to upgrade to the Plus version as the Essentials version doesn’t allow the tracking of time.

2. A TSheets account.

3. About 10 minutes to get everything linked up.

To get started what you will want to do first is log into your TSheets account. Since you won’t have direct access to the Intuit App Center you will first want to open up a TSheets account from www.tsheets.com. Once the account is opened, don’t add in your employees or customers just yet, those will be imported over from QuickBooks.

Next we’ll start the setup and installation process, you can access this from the Company Settings window in your TSheets account. Just navigate to the Add-Ons section and scroll through until you see the QuickBooks Integration. Once you do, click the corresponding “Install” button. Once you have installed the integration you will be asked to log into your Intuit account. Go ahead and enter your Canadian QuickBooks Online login credentials, and then you will be asked to select a company file with which you would like to sync your TSheets account. Select the appropriate account and click Authorize, this will then redirect you back to TSheets. Once you’re back in TSheets you will be able to configure your account settings and perform your first import, just as it’s outlined here:


And that’s all there is to it! Once you’ve got the integration set up, you’re ready to start tracking time so that you can get it exported to QuickBooks Online. This is just one more thing to celebrate on the year your wonderful land turns 146!


  1. This may not be as solved as you may think. We were having trouble connecting our company QB account to T-Sheets, and after several support calls, QB online support revealed: “although it says that Quickbooks Online connects with T-Sheets, the QB online does not work well with 3rd party apps”.

    Too bad.


    Victoria Reply:

    @Curtis Hrdlicka, Thank you for leaving your comment, though I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble connecting to TSheets! Intuit was having some trouble with their servers today, including QBO, but it hasn’t been an on-going issue.

    I am very surprised to hear that Intuit advised their QBO product doesn’t work well with 3rd party apps when that is where most of their development focus currently is. Even if there are some hiccups as they migrate from their classic view to the QuickBooks Harmony view, I wouldn’t expect this delay to last very long!

    Thank you for hanging tight while Intuit continues to improve their product, and as TSheets continues to improve ours, and if you have more questions and concerns come up I hope that you will reach out to our support team at: help@tsheets.com.

    Thanks again for the post!


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