Get Rid of that Less Than Perfect Android Time Tracker, Once and For All


Have you ever excitedly launched out of bed, like a child on Christmas morning?

Well – it’s that kind of day for Android users. No, it’s not an updated iOS or a platinum plated case, although that would be cool, in a one-upping-the-iPhone kind of way.

Android Time Tracking App

Screenshot_2013-09-25-11-22-46 New Android App

Screenshot_2013-09-25-11-21-33 New Android App

Screenshot_2013-09-25-11-20-44 New Android App

It’s the long-time-coming, highly-anticipated, totally re-imagined and redesigned time clock app for Android. Here’s what’s under the tree for Android users everywhere:

♥ Complete UI redesign for the best and most intuitive user experience.
♥ 1-click access with notification bar integration. Never forget to clock out.
♥ Ability to add, edit and delete timesheets if you have permissions.
GPS tracking as long as you’re on the clock.
♥ Continuously syncs with TSheets so you never have to worry about losing important data.
♥ Forget to clock in? With permission, employees can manually adjust their “in” times to ensure accurate timesheets.
♥ Small memory footprint, requiring little space and delivering even faster app speed.

Okay, maybe it’s not Christmas, but let’s be honest – it’s hard to one-up that mid-winter festival. However for business owners and on-the-go employees, it’s worth launching out of bed to unwrap this better, faster and smarter time tracking app from TSheets.

Merry Android App Day, from TSheets.