Win a New MacBook Air at The Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference


Or an iPad Mini, iPod Nano, a $50 visa gift card. Or just get a free t-shirt for the heck of it.

You may be thinking, “Whoa there, Nelly! To get tickets to win I have to give my name and email address – like every other conference, right?”

TSheets time tracking for QuickBooks

Negative ghostrider… and don’t call me Nelly. To earn some TSheets tickets, and ultimately be drawn for something way cooler than a trade show chotchkie, you can:

❤ Visit the TSheets booth. Earn 1 ticket.
❤ Get social about TSheets. 2 tickets.
❤ Wear your TSheets shirt (it’s awesome, it’s freely given and is THE softest t-shirt on the planet), 3 tickets.
❤ Sign up to be a TSheets PRO, watch a demo, or do your happy bookkeeper dance for the camera. 5 or more tickets!
❤ Find Stacy Kildal and SHE’LL GIVE YOU more tickets!

So as we said, no trickery, just lots of cool ways to earn tickets. And sure… the t-shirts are awesome, our crew happens to be pretty darn fun, and yeah, even our booth can be a pretty hip place to be.

But the real reason not to miss us at Sleeter? Because businesses everywhere need an easy-to-use, accurate time tracker that their employees will use, and that saves them money. And as it turns out, TSheets is the highest rated and reviewed time tracker in the Intuit App Center – that also happens to bring out the “happy dance” in bookkeepers everywhere.

So come see us at Sleeter and find out why employers and employees everywhere ❤ TSheets. And win a cool prize you’re there.

Follow @tsheets and #Solutions13 tweeting live during the event!