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Power Digital Marketing, Inc is a full service digital marketing agency specializing providing custom analytics driven, ROI focused marketing solutions out of Costa Mesa, CA. Below they talk about their TSheets experience – from their agency, to their employees, to their clients. For the full version of this Case Study, hop over to our Customer Case Study section of our site.

In the marketing industry, one of the most challenging areas to address is how to track the time spent on each account in order to maximize profit and keep clients in the loop through total transparency. At Power Digital Marketing Inc, TSheets has been the perfect solution for these main areas of concern. The service is not only easy to use, but benefits everyone involved in the marketing process — from our agency management team, to our copywriters, account managers, web developers and for the clients alike.

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Value To The Agency

As an agency as a whole, there are many benefits to tracking time related to our client accounts. Not only does TSheets allow us to better track the time spent on each account, but also helps us accurately gauge the profitability of each individual client. As the saying goes, time is money, and in the marketing industry that could not be any truer.

Its important for us to determine where time is being spent so that we can more accurately bill clients for their campaigns. We are able to see which accounts take more time or less time, and associate the time spent on their account to their monthly billing.

This information allows us to identify disconnects in our billing and adjust billing for these services in the future to be more appropriate for each client. In general, simply tracking time spent on our client’s accounts allows us to be more transparent. This means that both strengths and weaknesses are 100% visible pushing everyone to work their hardest and most efficiently at all times. In addition, it also allows us to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in both our processes and individual team members. For example, we can identify project managers taking more time than average on a specific task and then provide coaching to help this team member work more efficiently and improve upon their weaknesses.

Value To Employees
TSheets allows our employees at Power Digital Marketing to easily clock in and out and track progress on specific tasks. By having both a web-based platform and mobile application, our team members can track time spent on virtually anything from client meetings to in-house work. Seeing how much time each person is spending on projects also allows team members to feel a greater sense of responsibility and ownership over their work, allowing them to go above and beyond the commitment they have for their job.

Value To The Client
TSheets is also an extremely valuable tool for our clients. By providing more transparent reporting on services and the time it takes to complete them allows clients to keep tabs on the actual employees working on their specific account and see exactly where their money is going. By maintaining total transparency through using TSheets there are no issues reporting this information to the client and they are confident in how we track the data.

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TSheets is the perfect remedy for our needs here at Power Digital Marketing Inc. As we continue to use this service we find new and innovative ways to use the software each day and highly recommend it to other digital marketing and advertising agencies looking for ways to be more efficient.

For find out more on how time tracking propels business profitability and success within the Marketing & Sales Industry and other industries, visit our Industry Case Studies.


  1. Michael says:

    Awesome case study – it’s so great they were able to save time and money. TIme tracking has done wonders with our business and team.


    Victoria Reply:

    @Michael, I absolutely agree, we just love hearing success stories :)


  2. Jay says:

    Looks like a really good solution. I wish that our marketing partners would report to us on their exact hours. I always wonder how much time things really take them and how much time is being spent on our account compared to others. Good read.


    Victoria Reply:

    @Jay, Haha! I think to know that would be akin to knowing the secret “herbs and spices” recipe from that ever-popular fast food chain ;) I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the article!


  3. Susan Daigle says:

    Well, I am also the owner of the online marketing agency and for me the time is precious and through that, I can save time and I have to keep the proper track of it so that my company could perform very well in these types of activities and time always matter in the business perspectives.


  4. Ben William says:

    It’s important for my company wezom to determine where time is being spent so that we can more accurately bill clients for their campaigns. As an agency as a whole, there are many benefits to tracking time related to our client accounts. So I’m truly agreed with an author.


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