New TSheets Time Tracker App Launches for QuickBooks


Time tracking employees love. Now available in the Intuit App Center.

(BOISE, ID)  TSheets, the leading-edge time tracking technology company developing flexible, real-world solutions for businesses worldwide, recently released an app developed exclusively for QuickBooks. This new app was designed to improve the speed and accuracy of tracking, managing, and reporting time for Intuit customers.  Referred to as “TSheets Time Tracking for Employees”, the app is now available in the Intuit App Center, and works with QuickBooks online, QuickBooks for PC, and hosted QuickBooks solutions.

“QuickBooks’ customers desperately needed a better solution for timekeeping, especially after Intuit and QuickBooks discontinued their own time tracking apps last year,” says Matt Rissell, the CEO of TSheets. “We’ve been developing ways to better integrate with QuickBooks for a long time and this new app offers the ultimate easy experience and the best time-tracking features on the market.  It’s time tracking that both businesses and employees actually love.”

With the new app for Intuit, TSheets makes syncing with QuickBooks seamless. Service items, customers, employees, vendors and more sync to TSheets in just one click. Employees can then use that data to track time against and the manager-approved time then syncs back to QuickBooks in one easy click, making invoicing, payroll, and billing a snap.

TSheets allows end-user employees to track time in flexible ways, including on a desktop, laptop, any Internet-enabled device, or mobile phone—including iPhone or Android app (with GPS), text message, or dial-in—with real-time punch clock or manual time entry options.  It’s the only system built with the end user, the employee, in mind.  Managers gain the ability to monitor billable hours, paid time off, GPS locations, and more.

When administrators make changes in QuickBooks, the new app’s one-click syncing feature offers real-time updates, so all employees—even mobile users in the field—have up-to-date information to track their time against. Customized reports and settings, from overtime alerts to timesheet approval reminders, also improve accountability and time management for all involved.

A free, fully featured 14-day trial is available for the new TSheets Time Tracking for Employees app, and plans start at $5 a month.

With clients ranging from small businesses to large international organizations, TSheets improves time and labor management with a cutting-edge time tracking application that replaces paper timesheets with a more accurate, mobile, and flexible solution.

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  1. Patricia Brown says:

    I need instructions on how to change the credit card information to a new card for paying tsheets bill.


    Victoria Reply:

    @Patricia Brown, Thank you for reaching out about this! Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, I’ve gone ahead and sent you an email about this, so check your inbox for detailed directions :)


  2. […] especially after Intuit and QuickBooks discontinued their own time tracking apps last year,” said Matt Rissell, the CEO of TSheets, in the news release. “We’ve been developing ways to better […]

  3. Viola Allen says:

    It was a nice article. I wanted to know that will this app work for the online as well as hosted QuickBooks? Moreover, how is the security ensured after the introduction of this app?


    Victoria Reply:

    @Viola Allen, Great question! TSheets is able to link with both hosted versions of QuickBooks desktop as well as QuickBooks Online. As for security, TSheets has gone through a rigorous security audit from a third party provider per the requirements of all Intuit approved apps, but you can read more about that here:


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