F5. Refresh.


Do you ever press ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ on your computer? You know, update contents? (Hint, the shortcut for that is the F5 key for most computers, anyway.) I bet you do, when you want to make sure you’re seeing the latest stock prices or news, or the people viewing your LinkedIn page.

Do you ever press the refresh key on your business? Do you ever hit the reload key on your business processes? Hmm, you might not and perhaps it’s because, unlike stock prices, you weren’t focused on the fresh content that’s out there.

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Inertia. Remember that from physics class? Inertia – the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. Aka, the status quo. The anti-F5 key.

Many of us running businesses get addicted to running business as usual, without pressing the mental F5 key to think about fresher or newer ways of doing business. After all, the day is full – managing employees, clients, finances and sales. But doing things the same way they’ve always been done without a refresh means we’re looking at old content with outdated approaches.

Here are 5 areas you might want to think about:

Mobile. When we say everyone has a mobile phone, and that usually means a smartphone, we’re not exaggerating. Are you factoring this technology into how you run your business? Don’t believe me?

US mobile phone and smartphone penetration, by generation, May 2012:

  • Gen Z (18-23): 95% have a mobile phone / 64% have a smartphone
  • Gen Y Millennials (24-32): 97% / 72%
  • Gen X (33-46): 95% / 61%
  • Younger boomers (47-56): 92% / 39%
  • Older boomers (57-67): 89% / 28%
  • Golden generation (68-88): 85% / 16%

TOTAL: 93% / 50%

Internet. Some marketing research indicates that buyers are about 60% of the way into the decision process online before sales people even get involved. Buyers do a lot of on research your products and services, reviews and prices before you even get a word in. Checked your Internet profile lately?

Social media. Good, bad or ugly, we’re connected and we’ve given up a lot of our privacy to share photo’s, contacts and meme’s (those silly print cartoons). Does your business have a social media presence? Should it?

Cloud technology. Once upon a time you needed to insert CDs or even disks into your computer to load software. Can’t remember that last time I did that. Now I’m running most of my software apps in the cloud – on someone else’s servers, and loving it. Not because it’s cool, but because it’s easier, less expensive and secure. Are you leveraging the cloud?

Remote workers. Once upon a time, everyone came to the office. For many companies, the office has less relevance today. Savvy business people go to their clients and buyers, and stay connected with their mobile devices. Are your employees spending too much time in the office?

Press F5 and see what happens in your business. Refresh.

Guest Post by Zena Brand

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software analyst Zena Brand has a “Passion for Products and Partnerships”. She specializes in developing relationships with Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies to drive business growth through better market understanding, productive partnerships and developing products that people love. Prior to pursuing her dream to build a consulting organization, Zena was SVP, Product Strategy for ADP Employer Services. She led development of two partnerships with SAP AG and the highly successful product launch of GlobalView®, ADP’s multinational HR/Payroll solution. She managed product in 12 countries to increase sales and client retention, contributing to doubling the International division revenues in 6 years to $1B. In one five-year period, Zena and her team launched 12 new products – all of which achieved significant commercial success. Zena has an MBA in IT and a BA in Economics.