Introducing the Partial Week Time Card to Save the Day (or Week)


How to SUBMIT Time for Part of the Week, Yet Still Log Hours for the Remainder of the Week

Have you (amazing administrator) ever needed to close out an employee timesheet prior to the end of the week? To bill a client for example, or maybe your semi-monthly pay period falls in the middle of the week?

Yep, Debbie Downer a.k.a a closed timesheet, for the remaining days on that weeks’ timesheet.

But have no fear, for the TSheets Super Dev Team (with a cape of awesomeness) have defeated Debby Downer and saved the weekly timesheet!

online timesheet

Yes it’s true!

Now, billing departments and (super) employees everywhere, have the ability to submit time for a partial week, and yet still continue tracking hours to the remainder of that week. All without having to worry about Debby D.

So how does your business enable partial week submissions? Simply click into Company Settings, Add-on’s, Approvals, and under General Options, choose “Employees may submit partial week.”

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