How and Why to Archive Employees – Hint: Don’t Be a Victim of Post-Delete Regret


Have you ever taken picture, then deleted it. Then wished you hadn’t?

Sometimes we are quick to “delete” whether we are trying to create more space (like on our camera), or clean things out (like our email), or maybe just to keep things current (like your list of employees).

And we all have, at one time or another, experienced post-delete regret. That may be a new term for you, since I just made that up… but the emotion is real!

time tracking feature

With TSheets timesheets, it used to be when an employee left, they were deleted. Bye, Bye, sayonara, adios.

And then an administrator might have said:

Oh, I need to go back and make some final edits to their last timesheet, or

They are coming back on board, lets just pull their employee data back up…

and… [crickets]

Nothing. Couldn’t do it. No changes allowed, and re-entering the employee (for a re-hire) was just part of the program.

And while we aren’t perfect, we are trying pretty darn hard to be, so we fixed it. Now if an employee leaves (temporarily or long term) they are simply archived. Need to go back and fix something? Simply un-archive them and make the edit. Rehiring your employee or gearing up with the same seasonal employees from last year? Yep, un-archive them and you are all ready to rock. Tired of having three M. Poppins show up in the reports from the last three seasonal ramp ups? Yep, now with archiving, all your M. Poppins reports will show up under one M. Poppins.

Makes sense.

It’s good stuff that will save you time and make your life as an administrator, easier. For more details on the timesheet archiving feature, you can find it here in our wiki.

Now, if fixing post-delete regret for the rest of things in life was this easy…