How to Track Your Business and Increase Your Growth Potential


It’s fall, and the leaves are falling, the temperature is falling and…. are your business numbers falling? Ouch, there went the happy bubble.

The reality is, maybe it’s a yes. Maybe you have a seasonal business or one that typically slows down at this time of year. Or maybe your business is just starting to pick up; if so – high five!

And while you may know your month to month numbers (über important!), there are many more ways to track your business that can lead to greater growth potential.

Small Business Time Tracking Week

Lucky for you, it’s Small Business Tracking Week hosted by LivePlan and TSheets– where both CEO’s offer tracking advice with videos and lessons on how to track your business to success. It will also feature Dawn Brolin, an accounting and QuickBooks expert, in a live tweetchat on Wednesday to discuss small, medium business accounting questions, recommended apps, efficiency questions and more. Just follow #TrackThis all week.

Better yet, #TrackThis Week is going to give your business a jump start. Literally, tweet anything and include the hashtag #TrackThis, and get 50% off LivePlan (business planning and tracking) for one month and 20% off TSheets (employee time tracking) each month for a year.

Aw look, the happy bubble just re-inflated.

Now go join the conversation at #TrackThis to grow your business and save some money.