The Sweet Taste of TSheets Supporting the Jelly Bean OS


Merry Christmas TSheets Android users! Just in time to make – and keep – those workplace New Years Resolutions, TSheets has committed to fully supporting the ‘Bean. Yes, that’s Jelly Bean and it’s happening by January 8, 2013.  If you have one of the 500 million activated Android devices, you will soon have the opportunity to operate the best time tracking solution on the latest version of what Google’s OS has to offer. Now that’s sweet and savory news for the New Year!

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  1. […] There’s nothing lackluster about how TSheets is kicking off the 13th year in the 21st century… we’re talking front row seats to the battle of Old School Taxes vs. New Style Technology, being in a total state of focus as the newest and best ticket-based time tracking solution for Zendesk users, and savoring the sweet taste of supporting the Jelly Bean OS. […]

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