Acrobat Outsourcing Streamlines Temp Time Tracking With TSheets


When food service, hospitality and related industries in the West Coast need a one-stop solution for flexible and professional staffing, they come to Acrobat Outsourcing. In 2010, Goldline Research named Acrobat Outsourcing the leading staff agency for the third year in a row. Based in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, Calif., the company now employs 22 internal staff members with over 4,000 temporary personnel with the ready skills to match any event, restaurant or venue in need.

When CEO Steve Scher took over Acrobat Outsourcing in 2005, he wanted to streamline the entire approach to front- and back-of-the-house staffing from start to finish. In the process, he realized he needed to look at streamlining the paper-based time tracking system then in place at the company too.

“Our clients would fill out paper employee timesheets and fax them back to us. It was antiquated. Customers pushed back,” says Scher. “They wanted our employees to do the work instead.”

Scher knew there had to be a more simplified and technologically advanced way to track, report and manage time. He wanted to find a system that everyone from computer illiterate dishwashers to sophisticated front of house employees could use. And he wanted this new system to work anywhere they needed to go.

Acrobat Outsourcing found the ideal solution in TSheets. The time tracking technology gives employees mobile, flexible options for clocking in/out and entering time, while allowing clients to review and approve staff hours with online efficiency.

“TSheets keeps it simple, but with lots of options,” notes Scher. “Employees can go to the website. Use a text message. Call an 800 number. It improves the efficiency of the whole timesheet process. It makes it as easy as possible to get hours in.”

Scher found that putting employees in charge of keeping time often results in more accurate records of actual hours worked, while employer verification after that fact also helps to ensure no later wage disputes arise.

Scher notes that for staffing, TSheets gives Acrobat Outsourcing a distinct competitive advantage in a world of paper timecards. “We’re adapting the power of technology to take us to the next level.”