Scheduling Add-On Now Available To Everyone


Update: As of March 2016, TSheets Scheduling is so much more than just an add-on. It’s a fully functional, robust, and extensive scheduling software capable of handling all your scheduling needs. Quickly and easily schedule employees by shift or job code, share the schedule, and update it as needed. Visit our scheduling page to see how TSheets has revolutionized the world of employee scheduling … and how TSheets Scheduling can revolutionize your business. Check it out!

We have released our new scheduling add-on to everyone. You can now create a schedule for specific times, events or shifts.  Users, Admins or Managers can be enabled to receive reminders (via text, email or twitter)  about clocking in/out of a scheduled event.

This add-on has a lot of great features that you should try out! Check out our wiki for a detailed guide on how to use the scheduling add-on and/or you can watch it in action through this video link.

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