Time Card V2: Walk-through


Some of you may have noticed that we have multiple time cards to choose from, our standard and our new time card.  The new time card does a much better job at handling multi-level tasks and displays your most recently used tasks at the top for easier access.

If you’re an admin of the account, you have the option to select which time card you want your account (and therefore users) to use.  This can be done by following the link at the very bottom of the time card.

The new time card has a couple of new features to point out: Navigating multi-level tasks and most recently used tasks.

Navigating multi-level tasks is very simple.  If there is a folder icon next to the task, this means it is a parent task and has sub-tasks.  Clicking this will take you into the selected task and will display the sub-tasks.   To navigate back up to a parent task, follow the links in the task navigation area (at the top of the task list).

If there is a play (or stop) button next to the task name, this task is available to log and track time against.

Recently used tasks will automatically show up at the top of the list (with the active task being at the very top in green) regardless of which level they belong in (so, sub-tasks could appear and will be separated with slashes indicating levels).  These recent tasks will be highlighted with a star icon located to the right of the task name (see diagram below).

Time Card How To

Hope you enjoy the new time card and if you have feedback please post it below.