Mobile Update: Use Your Mobile Device to Add a Timesheet


Ever been out in the field and received a phone call from an employee like this?
“Hey – I forgot to clock in!” exclaims hard-working Harry.
“Okay, I’ll go ahead and clock you in, then,” you reply. No sweat, that’s easy.
“No, I mean I forgot to clock in an hour ago…” Harry sheepishly replies.
(Sigh). Now you write down the details on a napkin or whatever else is handy.  Then you have to wait until you’re back in the office at a computer to take care of the change.

Well not any longer.  You may now do everything from your mobile device that you need to in regards to timesheet editing.  That’s right, you can add a new timesheet, modify start and stop times, change jobcodes, delete timesheets, all from that tiny web browser held in the palm of your hand (access the mobile version of your account by visiting your TSheets account from your mobile web browser).  It’s a little easier to show than explain, so check out this video.  This is all accessible from our mobile interface.

Hope you enjoyed it. Post any questions below.