Feature Update: Invoicing


Due to overwhelming request, we’re pleased to announce our own, in-house invoicing. We’ve had invoicing now for quite some time with our FreshBooks integration, but now offer a simple in-house solution. While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles FreshBooks has, it is a very fast and quick way to invoice if you don’t already have a FreshBooks account. Use FreshBooks for invoicing, or use TSheets for invoicing, or use them both together. The choice is yours.

It’s simple to get started:

  1. Log in to your TSheets account (as an admin)
  2. Under My Account/Add Ons, install the Invoicing Add on
  3. You’ll now have the ability to assign billable rates to your job codes (done through the “Manage Job-Codes” feature)
    Job Code: Billable Rate
  4. To generate an invoice, click the “Invoicing” menu item
  5. A new window will appear allowing you to customize the invoice criteria
  6. Once you have generated a preview of your invoice, you can finalize this invoice and generate a printable PDF by clicking the “Finalize Invoice and Generate PDF” button.  This will mark time contained within the invoice as “Invoiced” and will lock these records from editing (don’t worry, you can always unlock them if you really need to), and will also provide you with a link to retreive the PDF version of your invoice.

Our built-in invoicing feature should make it easy (and quick) to turn your hours tracked with TSheets into money earned.