Wanted: Blackberry and AT&T Cell Phone Users for Beta Testing


So you want to be a TSheets Beta Tester?
TSheets J2ME AppWe are looking for current or new TSheets clients that are BlackBerry and/or AT&T mobile users with a phone that is not more than two years old.  Inquiries will need to be sent to our support desk at <help-at-tsheeets.com> with the make and model of your phone, and your top three favorite foods.  If we like your favorite foods (and your phone will work for our beta testing) we’ll email you instructions for the download and information on how to give us feedback.
Thanks so much for participating…great products are a result of consumer interaction, especially when a company listens & takes note.

Quick Overview
What is TSheets wanting me to Beta test?

Our J2ME time tracking application can be downloaded onto your phone so you can track time on the go, even if you are out of cell range.  In the future we are even planning to track your GPS location on certain phones.

Can you give me the perks on the J2ME app?
1. It works when out of cell service.
2. It’s a download on your phone so it’s faster and nicer than the browser.

What services/phones does it work with?
Currently most Blackberrys or any relatively new AT&T phone. Unfortunately iPhone users are not eligible for this beta test, yet.

Why would a company/individual use it?
Convenience. When you want you or your employee’s time accurately tracked even when out of cell service range.

Who would be a perfect BETA customer?
A company with a hand-full of mobile employees or even just an individual that has BlackBerry’s and/or AT&T phones (again except the iPhone)
A freelancer who’s a little tech-savvy and wants to track their time while traveling.

How long is the Beta Test?
Beta will start this week and end when we feel it is ready, a few perfectionists on board here!

What will I have to do to report information to you?
Once we agree that you qualify for Beta testing, we will email you back with all the information, downloads & where you can go to give us feedback with your experience.

What is TSheets?
TSheets provides tools and software to make time tracking easy for businesses and freelancers alike.

Brandon Zehm
Director of Technology


  1. rangga says:

    I want to be the one of it!!!!


  2. jon says:

    Ill do it!!! email me


  3. Michael says:

    What happened to the Blackberry client? Are we still beta testing it?


  4. Brandon says:

    Hi Michael,

    You know, it’s on hold semi-permanently because of lack of interest. We’ve still got it on our road map though and I’m hoping to get it started again before the end of the year.


  5. GPS Guy says:

    I glad to see that there are so many geeks out here… just like me. Cool post. Thanks


  6. Does anybody knows when the BB OS.6 will be released for the 9700?


  7. Eric Joe says:

    This is the information that i’m looking for.. I always interesting in blackberry OS..


  8. Joshua H says:

    I want to test some phones


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