Software Updates & New People

These are relatively simple new items, but nonetheless, they are new & we wanted you to know about them! Timesheet List Updates When viewing the timesheet list, you can now sort the list in chronological or reverse chronological order by clicking on the “Time In” tab. We’ve also added the ability to sort the timesheet […]

Run TSheets as a Desktop App

Here’s a cool tip for all our Mac users out there: Run TSheets as a desktop app.  This allows for easier and quicker time tracking access. Here’s how it’s done: Download and install Fluid Launch Fluid and create a site specific browser with the settings pictured below (you’ll want to point this to your TSheets […]

How the economic downturn can be good for freelancers

In tough economic times, more and more companies are looking to save costs, while maintaining or improving business. While these tough times might be hard for ‘the company’, you the freelancer could just make a killing. Here’s how.

When the Commander in Chief has to pull the plug

When speaking productivity, and getting things done, the US President should be at the top of that list with any and all available tools. If tradition stays, one of the most connected presidential candidates ever, could shortly have his toolbox taken away.

Jott No Longer Free

One of TSheets partners, will no longer offer a free option as of February 2nd.  This will not effect current TSheets customers using Jott, as the integration services are only available to paying customers. The popular voice to text service moved out of Beta (does that make it gamma?) last August, and added […]