Customer Interview: Show On The Road


Todayentertainment weddings I had the privilege to interview one of our Customers, Russ Harris, Owner/CEO of Show On The Road Productions, Inc. in Warrenville and Schaumburg, Illinois. (Check out his website to learn a bit more about his company.)

Here’s how our conversation went:

Q. What kind of business is Show On The Road?

A. Show on the Road is a mobile disc jockey company that services over 800 events and has 2 locations.

Q. How long have you been a TSheets Customer?

A. We’ve been using TSheets since late 2006.

Q. What kind of time tracking system were you using before TSheets?

A. Before we engaged with TSheets we were using a simple punch card system that we still use at one of our locations since I’m always on site.

Q. What problems did you face that caused you to look for an online timesheet like TSheets? And did TSheets solve this problem?

A. When our company grew to the point where we had two separate locations, the logistics of having to ensure that our employees’ time was accurately managed became more than a paper timesheet could handle. I needed something where my employees from either location could just get online and clock in and out. This is where TSheets helped me the most.

“I only have to jump on for a couple of minutes every two weeks to run reports and don’t need much more.”

Russ Harris (Show on the Road)

Q. What’s your favorite TSheets feature?

A. My favorite feature has to be the quick reporting, this gives me the ability to hop online, run the report that I need and get off in a matter of moments.

Q. What feature would you like to see TSheets add to it’s application?

A. I don’t think I’d add anything. As I said before, I only have to jump on for a couple of minutes every two weeks to run reports and don’t need much more. I think it’s good how it is.

Q. Would you recommend TSheets to a friend or colleague in your own personal network?

A. Absolutely, I think TSheets is a great solution for any company that needs to track its employees’ time.