Updates to the Who’s Working List


Wondering what your co-workers are working on? We’ve just released some updates to the Who’s Working list that make it possible for you to see. Previously, we displayed the employee’s shift total. Now from the main TSheets web interface you can see what job/project someone is clocked in under, how long they’ve been clocked in for that job/project, and you can also see the total number of hours clocked for the entire day.

If someone is clocked in under a long job/project name, you’ll only see a portion of it in the Who’s Working list. However, you can see the full job/project name by hovering your mouse over the job/project and the full name will appear as a popup.

For employees who are currently off the clock, you’ll still be able to see the total number of hours they’ve clocked for the day.

Who is Working Thumbnail

Now you’ll know when the Sales team is talking up your latest gadgets and gizmos and the Development team is squashing those elusive software bugs :)

The Who’s Working List is displayed to admins by default, but you can allow any/all employees to view it by granting the ‘See “Who’s Working”‘ permission via the employee editor. You can further customize it to hide hours worked from employees via your My Account window -> Advanced tab. This will allow them to see who is working and on what job/project, but there will be no information displayed concerning how long they’ve been working for that day or shift.


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