Time Slider


No, it wasn’t an April Fools joke – today we released our newest tool to make managing your employee timesheets easier than ever.  We’re calling it the “Time Slider”.  The idea was simple; to create a tool that would allow administrators to visually navigate and manage their timesheets.  A lot of thought went into this tool, and hopefully you’ll find it useful and easy to use.

Time Slider v1.0

What can it do? The Time Slider can be used to resize existing timesheets by dragging the left or right side of any timesheet.  It can be used to create new timesheets by clicking and dragging in an area that doesn’t already have a timesheet.  It can be used to delete existing timesheets by clicking on a timesheet and then clicking the delete icon in the popup window.

Where’s the old timesheet list?  You can still access the old timesheet list (which won’t be going away) by clicking the big “List View” button in the top-left corner of the Time Slider.

Time Slider Options

Several businesses with locations in separate timezones have expressed their issues with managing timesheets in separate timezones, so with the Time Slider we decided to try a different approach.  The Time Slider displays all timesheets in your own timezone by default.  If you’re editing timesheets in another timezone that’s fine, but you need to be aware that you’re viewing those timesheets in your timezone by default.  To simplify this you can “Slide” your view to another timezone by clicking “View Options” and then selecting the timezone you’d like to display and manage timesheets in.

Feedback. Your feedback is what keeps us on our toes.   Time Slider is “beta” which means we still have a list of improvements we’ve got planned for it, but we were just too excited about it to keep it from you any longer!  I’d love to hear your feedback about what works and doesn’t work and what we can do to make it better.  Reply here in the blog (I watch it) or email me personally, brandon@tsheets.com.