SMS ‘Short’ Codes


The ability to send text messages to track your time has long been a staple in TSheets’ plethora of time keeping options.  However, if you have long job/task names you run the risk of developing something akin to ‘CrackBerry Thumb‘ with all of the typing involved!  I am extremely slow at typing text messages into my phone, so this latest feature comes with a huge sigh of relief.

Now you can assign aliases or ‘SMS Codes’ to your jobs/projects within TSheets.  This allows you to retain your long, descriptive job/project names and have an extremely short and simple label for use with your text messages.

First, make sure you have the SMS add-on installed.  Then, to assign SMS Codes to your jobs/projects, open up the Job Codes management window (in the left-hand menu in the main interface).  Edit a job code, and you’ll see an additional field available now called ‘SMS Code’.  You can type up to 10 letters or numbers in here, no spaces.

Key Point! If you are using a tiered job/project model (i.e. Clients -> Projects -> Tasks), the SMS Codes you assign at Level 1 automatically get prepended onto the codes at Level 2, and both are prepended on to those at Level 3, etc.  See the following example.

Here I have a job code named ‘Animal Training’ at the top with an SMS Code of ‘at’, and then a child job code underneath that named Cheetah with an SMS Code of ‘c’, and finally another child underneath that named Running with an SMS code of ‘run’.  You can see that the codes inherited from the parent job codes are reflected in the edit window for any given job code, so it makes it easy to see what you’ll end up with.  So, for this example, the SMS Code I would use to clock in to the ‘Animal Training / Cheetah / Running’ job code would be ‘atcrun’.

Once you get all of your SMS Codes set up, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cheat sheet to refer to while trying to remember them all?  We thought so too.  You can access a printable SMS Code Cheat Sheet by Clicking on the ‘SMS Integration’ link in your account and clicking on a link in the resulting window.  If you are an administrator who hasn’t set up their own phone for SMS within TSheets, you can access the printable Cheat Sheet by going to My Account -> Addons -> SMS -> Preferences, and clicking on a link from there.

Happy texting!

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