QuickBooks Export


New timesheet QuickBooks export feature allows simple importing of your TSheets data into QuickBooks for client invoicing, payroll and more!

You’ve asked for the ability to import your TSheets data into QuickBooks and with this new feature you can. The QuickBooks export feature is available on all TSheets accounts and is very simple to setup and use.

It’s easy to get started. If you are an administrator of your TSheets account, you have several options to go about setting up TSheets to export to QuickBooks. Via the My Account area and from the Timesheet Reports (a small link in the Report format section).

TSheets My Account QuickBooks Setup

Once you’ve input your QuickBooks Company Create Time (above image, yellow highlighted section), you’re now able to export a QuickBooks IIF file from the Timesheet Reports area. Simple.

This IIF file can then be imported into QuickBooks, providing a simple means to getting your employees’ timesheet data from TSheets into QuickBooks.

For further detailed instructions, including how to determine your QuickBooks Company Create Time and detailed import instructions, visit our QuickBooks Integration Guide on our Wiki.