New Reporting Features


Many of you have requested an export to .pdf feature. You spoke, we listened. An export to .pdf feature is now included in your TSheets reporting options. The main benefit is portability and ease of use. By exporting to a .pdf, you can now easily attach this timesheet to an email, file it in your personal files, compile weekly timesheets in one easy to read document, etc. By compiling a number of timesheets in one PDF, it’s now easy to create a (non) paper audit trail.

As a self employed professional, it will now be much easier to run a report, export to .pdf and send off to a client in an easy to read familiar format, explaining hours worked on project XYZ, an over/under estimate of project ABC, etc.

We’re also updating the already existing .csv export option. The current .csv report does not export as pure raw data, but rather includes a number of calculations already done for you. Many of you expressed interest in a ‘raw’ format that could easily be imported into a number of data integration systems such as payroll and/or HR databases.

Again, you spoke, we listened. Since you now have the option to export raw data, you and your IT department are free to do whatever you so choose with this data. Whether it be a pre-existing database you’re using, or building a custom database, TSheets can now provide you with raw time data.