Don’t Look for the Free Lunch


A friend of mine invites me to go to lunch with the author of a book… I had no idea that it was going to be with Andy Sernovitz, the author of the book Word Of Mouth Marketing!

With 5 or 6 other business men and women, I got to sit down and just do an informal Q&A for an hour and a half.  In that time, some unbelievable topics were covered, like:

  • It’s difficult to get a new conversation started, so go join other conversations
  • Having thousands of customers talking about you is much more important than having revenue (if your business can sustain the wait)
  • If you don’t create a conversation about what you are selling you will constantly have to buy the conversation.  In the long-term picture… that’s expensive.
  • Always be giving something away… buttons, shirts, just stuff!  When I asked if it was a good idea for TSheets to have a bunch of wrist bands with our logo of a time clock created and sent out to our customers, he said, “I don’t know, just try a bunch of cheap ideas until one works.”

Now for my favorite part of the meeting… The bill comes and the waiter asks someone if the checks need to be separate and the person says “yes”.  I’m thinking you’re crazy!  So, when the waiter came back w/ a bunch of separate bills, I paid for them all.  Then the rest of the table says “thank you”, including Andy.  However, Andy continues to say that he will mention our website and put a link to our site in his Blog Post about lunch.  Just the information alone was worth the $100…

Moral of the story:

  1. Never turn down the opportunity to meet someone
  2. Don’t look for the free lunch!

Matt Rissell