How Did the Worm Riders Tell Time?


sand wormI was driving home recently when I glanced over at the license plate of the vehicle next to me, and saw the letters ‘MUADIB’ on it.  I’m enough of a Sci-Fi junkie that I immediately recognized the name of one of the greatest sand-worm riders of all time.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read a little bit of history on the Dune movie here.  From my recollection, Muadib was the name of the guy whose eyes glowed blue from inhaling slightly narcotic spices on some planet that was actually just one huge desert. 

The spice actually turns out to be made from excretions from the giant sand worms that live on the planet.  Muadib learns how to ride these worms and he’s able to kill people using only his voice (I’m guessing he was a bass).  Other than that I remember a really cool knife fight in the movie and that they wore special suits which allowed them to recycle and drink their own sweat.  Not hard to see why someone would pick ‘MUADIB’ for their license plate – who wouldn’t want to be associated with giant worms and drinking your own bodily fluids?

Something I don’t think many people ever think about is how they’ll tell time in the future.  How confusing would it be to grow up on a planet with two suns like Luke Skywalker?  And can you imagine the jet lag that would come from travelling millions of light years in a single day?  I’ll bet the watches will be really cool in the future.  Much better than the TV/watch combo I yearned for when I was a kid.

TV Wrist Watch

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