Go Green with TSheets


Green is the way to be in today’s day and age. With gas prices on the rise and the continuous pressure from the Tree Huggers of the universe, more and more offices are going green.  Recycling in the work place is just one way that we can all be a help to the environment.  Here’s how TSheets helps mother earth:

  • Online timesheets – Obviously the very nature of TSheets is a green concept.  By removing all of the paper timesheets that have been flying around the office, you can save reams of paper.
  • Employees can work from home – Allow your employees to work from home and keep track of who’s on the clock and what they’re working on from anywhere in the world.  In Mike’s Doc Blog he mentions how allowing your employees to work from home is better for employee moral and ultimately the environment.  Yes, there are some valid concerns that some businesses have with this concept, but it’s a great green idea that if harnessed correctly can give your company a boost!
  • Wiki’s instead of user manuals – Instead of producing fancy user manuals made of paper products and ink, TSheets uses a wiki and cool videos for educating you about how to use different features.
  • Emails, blogs and eNewsletters instead of mail pieces –  All of the messages and updates that you receive from TSheets are entirely eco friendly and don’t use any paper products.
  • Internal emails, document systems, etc. – All of our internal documentation is printed and stored online either in Google docs or some other database service.  Also, we use Gmail to manage all of the emails, notes and assignments that we face.

Paper is a scarce resource in our office; we usually have to borrow it from our neighbors.

What is the coolest eco-friendly idea that you’ve seen and what kind of green activities do you encourage around the office?

Update (2008-05-29) – Here are 9 other ways you can go ‘Green’ at your office. Check out the list over at thedailygreen.com