Tracking Your Workouts


We all know that TSheets is excellent at tracking time for businesses and professionals alike, but it’s also great at tracking time for non-business related activities. For example, you can easily adapt TSheets to function as a workout/exercise log.

Here’s how to use TSheets to track your workouts:

  • Sign up for a free single user account.
  • Setup job codes to function as “Activity Codes.”  Some examples include: running, lifting weights, stretching, hiking, cycling, skiing, etc.
  • Track your workout time proactively or retroactively.  Huh?
    • Proactively: Clock in with your TSheets account using your activity code before you start your workout, then clock out when you’re finished. This is easily accomplished with your mobile phone using our mobile version, or if you’re using an IPhone, our IPhone version.
    • Retroactively: Perform your workout, then afterward use the Time Slider to record your workout.
  • Use the notes feature to record any workout specifics.  Such as: weather conditions, mileage, heart rate, calories burned, how you felt, etc.
  • Run reports to summarize your workout time, broken down into activity codes.
Workout Report Sample

Why should you track your workout time?  Accountability.  By recording your workout time, you’re creating accountability to yourself.  This is a huge step in helping you reach and achieve your goals.  Not to mention the excellent bragging rights you’ll have with your friends/family when you show them how many hours you worked out last week.