Tasting the Salsa


One of the blurriest lines (especially in a small company) is where marketing ends and sales begins.  Here is a simple rule:  Marketing creates the traffic, sales closes the deals.  This rule applies to large business-to-business companies, retail, eCommerce, etc.

In our case, our primary goal with marketing is create traffic to the web site that results in trial sign-ups.  Most of this strategy comes from investing thousands of hours and dollars in to the product.  In short, we KNOW it is a great product – we just need to get people to try it.  We refer to this as “tasting the salsa” – a term taken from the sample people at grocery stores who allow you to taste a product before you buy it.  Like those people, we know a taste will likely result in buying the whole jar of salsa!

Once a trial sign-up takes place, we have a different methodology for converting the trial customer to a subscriber.  The first thing we have done is created a free personal version.  This is like little jars of salsa!  Assuming that a customer is signing up for the multi-employee version, our mission is to create an easy, impressive sign-up process – thus our set-up wizard.  In addition, we want the trial users to receive the full benefit of being a TSheets customer, so we point them to the wiki, user guide, etc.  In addition, we have live chat and live telephone support.  The goal was to create the right blend of automation and human touch.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to be able to focus on the user community.  This is the key to any business – a motivated, involved, and excited customer base that is helping you spread the word, while also providing you quality control.  Having a vibrant user company not only makes marketing and sales much easier, it shows where our heart lies – with the customer first.