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As far as business blogs and productivity tools go, there are a great number of them that, well frankly, bore the pants off of me.  Sure there’s Lifehacker which is always a guaranteed smile, but for the most part, lots and lots of business bloggers tend to grab a bunch of statistics and/or other data, run it through the ‘What would my big fancy diploma on the wall say about this’ filter, and generally spit out material that’s about as exciting to read as sniffing glue.  Wait…sniffing glue might be more entertaining.

Thank heavens for Merlin.  Merlin Mann that is.  If you’re not already familiar with Merlin and his 43 folders blog, do yourself a favor.  Merlin’s recently posted an update to slideshow/presentation that he debuted back in January at Macworld.  While I only caught bits and pieces of it through the grapevine, Merlin’s done a whole lotta work on this one, and revamped a number of topics and material.

The subject of this talk is ‘Time and Attention’.  He’ll be delivering it….hang on, just got an email.  Brb.  Right.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, Merlin’s going to be talking with the folks over at GoDaddy abou…a sec…phone.  Ummmm.  Oh right…talking to the folks at GoDaddy.com about Inbox Zero and Time and Attention.

Merlin fully admits that the irony of über cool picture slides is that you don’t get the slick audioness of it, so this deck includes some of Merlin’s main talking points.  And if you’ve never seen this guy speak…the subtitles are almost as accurate as a German translation of a French film that was directed by a Mexican director.  In other words…they do only a third of the justice as seeing Mann in person.

Mann’s main focus in this deck is Time and Attention and how to manage both to work in the utmost productive state.  Give it a whirl…tell the boss its ‘research’.

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  1. Time and attention are the words that I always remember when days passed without any activity.


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