Secure Timesheet Login


TSheets is all about helping small and midsized companies gain control of their labor, time, and attendance. That’s why we’re always thinking about the security of your employees clocking in and clocking out.

One of the biggest problems business owners face is buddy punching:  when co-workers clock each other in before one has even arrived at work. To avoid this problem, our customers use GPS time tracking to ensure mobile employees are where they say they are when they clock in.

TSheets users whose employees clock in from the same device or location can use the TSheets Time Clock Kiosk with photo capture and facial recognition functionality. If employees are clocking in for one another, the system will flag their photo and notify an admin immediately.

By enabling GPS tracking on a mobile device, or facial recognition on a time clock, you can eliminate an employee’s temptation to buddy punch. Now, those are good business practices that can save you time and money.